towards a system of environmental economic accounting for agriculture (seea-agri).pdf
the state of food insecurity in the world 2013 an overview.pdf
the faostat emissions database.pdf
strengthening the collection and analysis of sex disaggregated data on land ownership in agricultural censuses.pdf
revision of the methodology for the estimation of the prevalence of undernourishment.pdf
recent advancements in agricultural economic statistics – price and investment domains.pdf
new approaches to the measurement of food security.pdf
lessons learnt from the wca 2010 in asia and the pacific region and update on the preparations for wca 2020.pdf
issues in the collection of fao data.pdf
international product classifications for agricultural statistics a brief report of activities in 2012-2013.pdf
fao, the new strategic framework, and the role of statistics.pdf
fao statistical yearbook.pdf
agri-environmental indicators and the recently adopted framework for the development of environment statistics - fdes.pdf
agricultural cost of production statistics – update on the recent expert group meeting in rome and next milestones.pdf
a new approach to food balance sheet methods and design.pdf

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